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If you're addicted at this time, and you're considering breaking free, you should call to mind how wonderful life can be when you aren't burdened by the habit. When you're free of drugs, you have a life where you get to enjoy the company of people without being under the influence, be happy without drugs, experience self-esteem, find success, and live without fear of the law. The best way to achieve such a life is to choose professional help. At this center for addiction treatment in Haverford, PA, we try to help patients and their families understand why exactly professional treatment works, and why it works better than anything else.

Drug Rehab Offers Greater Certainty

One of the greatest challenges with addiction comes from the way it changes the brain. Since much of the way the brain functions, depends on a finely tuned balance of chemicals, the presence of foreign chemicals brought in by substance abuse can be severely disruptive. The brain's response is to adapt to functioning in a chemically polluted environment.

When you decide to stop using drugs, or to even taper off, the result can be absolute chemical chaos of the brain. The brain is not able to immediately bring chemical levels back to normal. In this state of chemical imbalance, you experience severe effects -- withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can include severe mood disorders, physical pain, as well as physical conditions such as cardiac irregularities and seizures. These effects can be fatally dangerous when withdrawing from addictions to alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates.

Addiction also means emotional attachment. Drugs act on parts of the brain directly responsible for the formation of deep, instinctive, emotional attachments to things. When drugs are used for long enough, the brain begins to instinctively feel a connection to drugs so deep, quitting brings up very powerful cravings. Called psychological attachment, the phenomenon is responsible for the way people tend to relapse and return to active drug use even after years of sobriety.

These are powerful forces to fight, and they simply cannot be countered without help. Drug and alcohol rehab puts modern medical science on the job. When you withdraw under medical attention at a qualified rehab, scientific advances come to your aid in a number of important ways.

Evaluation and Detox

Drug rehab is a very complex process -- not because there are dozens of steps involved, but because the complexity of the human brain, mind and body throws up variables. Withdrawing from addiction can cause different effects in different people, depending on their age, their physical constitution, the drugs that they've used, and the length of time for which they've remained addicted. A drug habit often involves poor psychiatric and physical health, as well. Offering treatment rehab requires a close assessment of each one of these variables. A generic treatment plan rarely works well.

Depending on the patient's mental and physical condition, treatment may begin either with psychiatric treatment and basic healthcare, or directly with detox. Medical detox in Haverford is the first line of treatment in quitting drugs. The aim of the detox segment of rehab is to help calm the body and brain as it is struggles with the turmoil of withdrawal-related chemical imbalance. From pain and anxiety to cardiac disturbances, tremors, seizures and stroke, qualified addiction professionals are on hand to administer medications to suppress keep you safe.

Patients have the option to accept detox treatment at a residential center where they check in for a few weeks as they undergo treatment. Residential treatment is recommended by experts in all but the mildest addictions. At the end of several weeks of treatment, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of addiction fade away, and reliably disappear. At this point, detox concludes; but treatment doesn't.

Relapse Prevention

To many addicts considering quitting, detox often seems like all there is to drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Haverford -- after a few very eventful weeks of treatment, the body and brain seem to return to normal, and it seems as if it's the end of the addiction. This is the reason most addicts quit rehab when detox ends. It isn't the way it happens at professional, scientifically managed rehab centers, however.

At this center for addiction treatment in Haverford, PA, for example, it is at the core of the approach used, to help explain to patients from day one that detox is not rehab. Detox does not even help patients go some way towards sobriety. It is only a segment of rehab that must be got out of the way so that real treatment can begin. Relapse prevention treatment involves psychological therapy that helps patients work on themselves to gain the psychological skills that they lack.

Therapy can be aimed at giving patients specific skills to battle cravings. For instance, patients can learn about the ways in which be addictive impulses can return to their lives, and the ways in which they should work to avoid them. Therapy can also be more general in nature, to help patients learn ways to counter psychological problems that they may have always had, in areas such as impulse control, ability to delay gratification, anger control, social skills and so on. Problems in these areas often lead to substance abuse.

Relapse prevention can take months, if not years of work. The more one invests in relapse prevention, though, the more assured lifelong sobriety becomes.

Remembering to Find a Qualified Rehab

Accreditation is one of the best ways to find quality inpatient rehab in Haverford. Most centers are not qualified or accredited. At this accredited center for addiction treatment in Haverford, PA, experts offer the latest in scientific treatment standards and offer it with compassion and professionalism. Call Haverford Drug Rehab Centers today for guidance. to talk about any questions you may have at (610) 898-3605.

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