Alcohol Withdrawal in Haverford, PA

Alcohol may not be as immediately dangerous as some illegal street drugs; the addiction that it causes, however, is among the most stubborn known of. Alcohol is among the few drugs commonly used, that are known to be fatal when incorrectly withdrawn from. At this center for alcohol withdrawal in Haverford, PA, experts work hard to offer the latest in addiction science to help patients with the challenges that they face in this area. Contact Haverford Drug Rehab Centers today for guidance.

What Happens When You Stop Using Alcohol?

If your alcohol habits have been excessive, but haven't lasted very long, you probably aren't addicted; when you attempt to stop using, you can usually do so without too much trouble. If you suffer from a genetic vulnerability to addiction, an undiagnosed psychiatric or psychological disorder or a family history of addiction, however, you may have a very hard time putting an end to a reliance on alcohol. Addiction is likely to set in before long.

When addiction sets in, it means that significant changes have occurred in the brain to allow it to function with some semblance of normalcy in the presence of the disruptive chemicals present in alcohol. Such changes cause physical dependence on alcohol.

The appearance of addiction also means that changes have occurred in parts of the brain that govern psychological attachment. Physical dependence is not permanent; it's possible to escape it with a period of abstinence. Psychological attachment or dependence, however is a different matter. It is permanent, and for life.

When you attempt to quit alcohol, both physical and psychological dependence come into play. The brain's physical dependence means that it finds it difficult to adapt its internal chemical balance to the sudden change brought about by the removal of alcohol. Psychological dependence means that the mind begins to panic at the thought of living without alcohol, and craves it with unimaginable desperation.

Disruption to the brain's chemical balance is most immediate challenge of alcohol withdrawal in Haverford. It is a dangerous condition marked not only by extreme mood disorder, but by physical pain. Even more worryingly, it comes with severe risks to the addict's physical safety. When an addict with a long-standing habit attempts to quit, he may experience severe physical effects such as seizures, arrhythmia, hallucinations and stroke. These are life-threatening symptoms. Repeated exposure to seizures are known to cause excitotoxic injury to the brain, and to make long-term sobriety impossible. It's important to seek out professional drug and alcohol rehab.

How Does Detox Help?

Modern medical science offers a number of chemical interventions to address the dangers of alcohol withdrawal. When administered at the right times, these medications are able to completely prevent the appearance of painful or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. From anticonvulsants to sedatives, beta-blockers and drugs such as acamprosate, there are many. Together with emotional support, supervision and therapy, professional detox helps patients overcome the challenges of withdrawal in a controlled and orderly fashion.

There is often more to alcohol detox than the immediate symptoms that it produces. Most patients come in with mental disorders and psychological disorders, often previously undiagnosed. Such disorders can complicate medical detox in Haverford in various ways. To begin, when severe mental disorders exist, patients may be unwilling to cooperate. Even when cooperation is forthcoming, patients may not possess the motivation or engagement needed to participate properly. This can lead to their dropping out of treatment or simply sneaking in a drink every now and then.

For these and various other reasons, patients who come in with additional mental health conditions are usually referred to managed inpatient treatment.

Inpatient Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

Inpatient rehab in Haverford for alcohol withdrawal, the addict checks into a facility to receive treatment over the several weeks that withdrawal lasts. The idea, primarily, is to place the patient in a safe environment where there is constant medical supervision and little chance of sneaking a drink. With medical supervision comes pain-free detox, something that can be tremendously reassuring to addicts. The psychological therapy offered on an intensive basis can be extremely useful, as well, helping build a sense of purpose and engagement.

Finding the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

It is never a reasonable option to attempt alcohol withdrawal at home. It's important to choose professional medical detox and rehab. Finding such a facility can be harder than it may appear, however. Far too many drug withdrawal treatment programs do not apply treatments that are medical standards.

Many inexpensive rehabs such as this center for alcohol withdrawal in Haverford, PA, are run to rigorous medical standards, while many expensive resort-like rehabs are not. Doing the research is all that matters. You should call Haverford Drug Rehab Centers today for guidance. anytime you wish to speak to an expert (610) 898-3605.

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