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While drug use can be pleasurable for a while, it becomes painful once its effects on the addict's life and health begin to surface. The addict often does realize how bad the habit is, and would like to leave, but is held back from attempting to quit for many reasons. At this center for medical detox in Haverford, PA, experts know what stops addicts from attempting to reach for sobriety, or even staying on course once they do. It is such insight that helps them design the most effective drug and alcohol medical detox program in the region.

The addiction condition traps the user in two ways -- with physical dependence and psychological dependence.

Physical dependence usually appears first. It comes about as a defense mechanism deployed by the brain. When the brain's vital chemical functions are disrupted by the presence of drugs, the brain learns to adapt to their presence. It adjusts its chemical functions in such a way that they remain acceptable even in the presence of drugs in the system. This uneasy equilibrium known as physical dependence is a state where the brain cannot function in a normal way without the presence of drugs.

When the addict stops using drugs or tapers down in an attempt to quit, it results in a situation where the brain no longer functions well. The brain then needs time to adapt to functioning without drugs. In the meantime, it enters a state of chemical imbalance that involves dangerous and painful physical effects resulting from alcohol withdrawal in Haverford.

Psychological dependence occurs when drugs affect areas of the brain dedicated to the learning of emotional attachment. When primed in this way, the brain learns an attachment so deep, denial of drugs gives rise to paroxysms of deep want and anxiety.

The only safe way to deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings is to turn to professional medical help at a qualified medical detox treatment center, where medical professionals administer medications and offer emotional and psychological support.

Nevertheless, most addicts do greatly hesitate to accept medical detox. For families that want nothing more than to help a loved one stay the course in treatment and get better, it can help to know why exactly they tend to resist.

Fear of Pain

Most who consider quitting often first try to detoxify at home. They figure they can white-knuckle their way through the painful experience. Usually, they quickly find that it isn't as simple. Quitting drugs brings no ordinary pain; it is pain accompanied by maddening anxiety and agitation, not to mention endless hours of a racing heart, tremors, seizures and other terrifying symptoms.

With these self-directed attempts, addicts begin to associate detox with pain, and become convinced that it's pain no one can help them with. They hear from their friends about how many detox centers do not actually bother to help with pain, and they don't see why they should trust them.

The truth is, most often, it is outpatient detox centers that ignore pain and other unpleasant symptoms. While they offer prescriptions, they can't anticipate everything, and they can't be with their patients to help them when these frightening effects come unexpectedly.

It's different with quality inpatient rehab in Haverford. At this center for medical detox in Haverford, PA, there is great attention paid to patient comfort. As long as you make sure that the inpatient treatment that you choose carries such an attitude, you should be safe.

Often, addicts in rehab are dismayed by the appearance of other patients at the facility. When their peers seem to be in a terrible state, it makes them believe that sharing the facility with them must make them look just as bad. It can be so hard for them to accept this, that they may wish to simply turn away.

There could be some meaning to this objection. If a detox happens to be catering to patients in worse shape than your loved one, you may need to find a different program or reschedule.

The Detox Center May Not Be to Their Liking

While some celebrities do make unreasonable complaints about the detox centers that they find themselves in, this is likely to be the case with regular people. If your loved one finds that a medical detox treatment center is unpleasant, you should listen to them. Many medical detox centers do have poor accommodations, bad food, and unfriendly staff. It's important for family members to stay involved, to make sure that everything goes according to plan. It's a problem that can be fixed by changing to a better center.

Detox is supposed to be scientifically managed, well-run and sensitive to the needs of patients. It does take a little work to find such a place. It's the way things are run here at this center for medical detox in Haverford, PA, for example. It's work that's well worth it, however. Talk to one of the experts at the center, and you'll be in a much better position to tell the good detox centers apart. Call Contact Haverford Drug Rehab Centers today for for help at (610) 898-3605.

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