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You've probably seen commercials for inpatient rehab advertising soft music, gentle, smiling professionals and promises of bringing you back from addiction. They take you in, take care of you every minute of every day, give you emotional, medical, psychiatric and psychological support through this very difficult experience, and get you back on your feet again. Some establishments such as this inpatient rehab in Haverford, PA, truly do deliver on the promise. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen everywhere.

Since addiction inpatient rehab centers get to charge a lot of money, it's a business segment that attracts many insincere businesses. Before you sign up, it's important that you take a careful look at what you really get.

Personalized Attention

At inpatient rehab for addiction, patients typically wake up at 7 in the morning and go to bed at 10 at night. This gives them 16 waking hours each day. Ideally, most of those hours are filled with high quality training and therapeutic activity. This isn't often known to happen, however. In most cases, it is the initial patient assessment alone that involves personalized, individual attention. Past the admission stage, no matter what co-morbidities or other complication a patient may face, they receive generic treatment as part of a group, usually for no more than 6 to 8 hours a day. Individual attention is offered no more than an hour a day.

Considering the reluctance of addiction inpatient rehab centers to invest in personalized treatment, it's important to ask very specific questions about it before you sign up. When you ask about how many hours of individual treatment you will get, it can help you compare one rehab against another.

Personnel Qualifications

Counselors and other personnel at inpatient rehab centers are often paid little above minimum wage. In many states, a high school education alone is all that's needed to work in these positions. Understandably, patient experience in these cases tends to be severely wanting. From those who perform in the role of specialist to those who offer nursing care, counseling and therapy, often, inpatient rehabs hire people based on how little they can pay them, rather than how good they are. This isn't the case in every rehab; inpatient rehab in Haverford, PA is an exception.

It's important to ask specific questions about who exactly will treat you, how qualified they are, and to gain assurances of having them treat you from start to finish.

Evidence-Based Treatment

From integrated dual diagnosis treatment to cognitive-behavioral therapy, rehabs need to use treatment approaches that are supported by modern scientific principles. While you may assume that you can take this for granted, you cannot. Rehabs are not governed by laws as well as regular hospitals, and can often get away offering unscientific care or outdated care. The 12-step program is an example. While it can be useful in some circumstances, it isn't a scientifically proven method. Rehabs that place primary importance on this tool are undesirable.

Not only is it important to ensure that an inpatient rehab center offers the best scientific methods, you should make sure that all their personnel are actually qualified in delivering those methods, and that they do use them in actual addiction and drug withdrawal treatment in Haverford.

Find Out How to Get the Best Treatment

Many rehabs offer short-term inpatient programs that last no longer than 30 days. Research however, shows that 90 days works best. It's important to go and audit a rehab before you actually sign up, as well. You need to see what kind of attitude caregivers bring, and whether promise on paper translates to patient experience.

Inpatient rehab works better than outpatient rehab. Fewer people drop out of addiction treatment in Haverford, and fewer people cheat when in an inpatient setting. It's important to go with scientifically proven, well-run programs, however. Many people will hesitate to accept inpatient rehab because they see it is expensive. It's important to see, however, that outpatient rehab can be even more expensive in other ways -- frequent failure and relapse take years out of your productive life.

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